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We take care of the environment

We minimize our environmental impact through the responsible and sustainable use of resources, preventing pollution.

Contribution against climate change


We reduce our carbon footprint

Our great challenge is to help limit the increase in the Earth's temperature.
We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 2030 by 30% over what was registered in 2014 in Operations and, in 2019, in commercial offices, taking into account direct and indirect emissions. (*Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru).

Our timeline

These are the most important milestones in our climate action:


Our journey towards being Carbon Neutral

Taking care of the forests everyones' commitment. To contribute to its conservation, we will seek to offset the carbon footprint, which we cannot reduce, in initiatives related to stopping and reversing forest loss and land degradation in LATAM.

In 2020, we managed to offset our carbon footprint* in Colombia and Peru, with the savings from our Cleaner Production projects at our headquarters.

*Direct and indirect emissions related to electricity consumption.


Renewable energy in Colombia and Peru Operations

The electricity used for our production operations in Colombia and Peru is from a hydroelectric source. 
Learn more about the Renewable Energy Certificate in Peru.
Learn more about the Renewable Energy Certificate in Colombia.


Cleaner production program

“Produce more with fewer resources”
 We seek to reduce the consumption of energy, water, materials and reduce the generation of waste in our Production Plants, Distribution Centers and Commercial Offices.


Sustainable Buildings

In Colombia, our production headquarters in Tenjo, as well as our commercial office in Bogotá, have the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.

Zero waste and plastic use

Our Ecodesign strategy seeks to ensure the conservation of our formulas with the least generation of waste.

Our goals for 2025


of plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.


use of post-consumer recycled plastic in our PET containers (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled).


FSC® certified paper and cardboard in our packaging.



We promote the application of the 3Rs in the design of our packages and containers, and as a responsible habit for all our clients: reduce, reuse and recycle.

For you to identify our progress, we are placing our Ecodesign Seal on new or renovated products whose Packaging has had an environmental improvement. Learn more here

Get to know our ecodesigned products

Working for a better world

We are concerned about the millions of tons of plastic that end up in the oceans and that generate losses in biodiversity.

In cases where the use of plastic is the best alternative, we will promote its reuse and recycling.

"We want to give a second life to all the packaging materials we use, so we will stop generating waste and promote a circular economy"

A responsible way to use paper and cardboard

We value forests and the communities that take care of them, that is why we use materials sourced from FSC® certified responsibly managed forests.

Path towards change

The ecodesign measures that we have applied to the packaging of our products allow us to reduce annually.
Revisa nuestro impacto en cifras.

*Tons, taking into account the corporate sale of the year in which the measures were implemented.

Help us protect the environment!

We are working to improve recyclability and increase the amount of recycled materials in our containers and packaging. 

Want to be a part of it? You can participate by recycling our clean and dry containers. 

In Colombia, we are part of Vision 30/30, a collective initiative that aims to collect and take advantage of 30% of the waste generated in the country in 2030.

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