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Mujer latina con joyas Yanbal Mujer latina con joyas Yanbal

Who are we?

mujer independiente emprendedora historia yanbal

Our story

At Yanbal, we support independence and freedom. This has been the commitment since our company started, and it still holds true today. We continue inspiring and motivating everyone who works and collaborates with our company.

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mujer latina con bijouterie yanbal

We are Alma Latina

We are proud to be Latinxs. Our diversity is an expression of our heritage; the way we see life and the passion that characterizes us. We share courage, resilience and joy.

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Yanbal empresa con productos innovadores

We are innovators

We have innovation centers for research and development in the cosmetic industry both in the United States and in Europe. Additonally, we have innovation centers for jewelry design in the United States with experts and scientists from around the world.

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Sostenibilidad ambiental Yanbal

We are sustainability

The essence of our processes and products is to take care of the environment and its natural resources. Furthermore, our decisions are always based on people, ethics and transparency.

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Our values:


We focus on creating a positive social impact through products developed with the lowest environmental impact. Read more


We minimize our environmental impact through the responsible and sustainable use of resources.Read more


We care about the well-being of each of our communities.Read more


We guarantee the ethics of our business through strategic and cross management from our corporate board. Read more

Mujeres emprendedoras consultoras Yanbal

We believe in entrepreneurship

We believe entrepreneurs are the engine of our society. For this reason, we seek to develop their skills and empower their businesses.

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#More than beauty
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